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Our Services... Besides Towing

Classic Yellow MGB on Flatbed

Flat Tire

We can assist with tire changing if you have a flat. To complete the task swiftly and safely, we have jacking equipment and tools. Even while many current cars come with everything you'd need to change a tire yourself, you definitely want—or ought to want—us to handle it. We'll arrive swiftly, complete the task without causing any harm to your car, and most importantly, we'll keep you safe and secure.

It can be dangerous to change a tire on the side of the road. We strongly advise against doing it by yourself, especially at night. Many of the local roads in our area are in the dark and have spots that are poorly illuminated for emergencies. Drivers may not always be able to see you or your vehicle if you are stranded on the side of the road, particularly around bends and corners.

Our rescue vehicles are completely outfitted with LED lighting for work and safety purposes. In order to protect your vehicle from other traffic, we will first secure the area. We'll then use cones, electronic flares, and illumination to create a work zone so that we may change the tire safely.


No Spare In your Vehicle?

Today's contemporary automobiles frequently lack spare tires. The automobiles frequently have "run flat tires," yet this term is frequently inaccurate. You shouldn't drive on a tire that has a gash in the side, perhaps from curb rash, and is now entirely deflated. Driving on a shredded tire will quickly destroy your rim, which will cost a lot of money to repair.

A run-flat tire may lose all of its air by hitting a nail, leaving the vehicle resting only on its rims. Maybe you picked up a nail from a building site; the run-flat tires might not be able to tolerate such a significant air loss. They might drop drastically and lose all of their air, which would actually cause the tire to fall flat.

Run flat tires depend on their sidewalls to keep them upright even when they are void of air. As long as the sidewall is intact, this may be good for short-term, slow driving and emergency situations. However, if the sidewall is compromised for any reason, you won't be able to move the car safely. You should now pull over to the side of the road so we can evaluate the situation and damage.

We can bring your automobile to a nearby repair shop safely and easily with a recommendation if we are unable to change the tire on the side of the road. You will be safe and quickly be on your way once they fix or replace the tire there at the tire repair facility.

Remember that the tire is frequently covered by a warranty, and your neighborhood repair shop might offer you options and credits toward a new tire. If your car is brand-new or leased, you can speak with the manufacturer to find out the details of the warranty, which may include a partial or complete reimbursement for the repairs.


More About Tires

Every tire is unique. Treadwear is one thing, but the tire profile, tire sidewall, and speed rating are also important in determining the tire's longevity and lifespan. Even though some tire specifications list a tire life of 70,000 miles or more, getting to that high mileage frequently necessitates diligent maintenance.


Rotating tires will be necessary frequently. The most typical rotation for radial tires is from rear to front or front to back, though you should check your owner's handbook.

You can choose where you'd like your automobile to be towed. We are an independent towing company that serves your needs, not those of a gas station. You won't be required to tow your car to a certain location; instead, you can tell us where you want it to be towed, and we'll do as you ask. We will follow your instructions, even if you want it towed to your house.


Computer Malfunction

Modern fuel-injected engines have pre-set fuel requirements that must be met in order for your automobile to start and operate; if this precise amount of fuel is not present, the computer will decide to cut the fuel supply until it determines that there is enough fuel in the tank. Often, adding a gallon or two is sufficient to meet the computer's demands for a brief amount of time.

We've seen Facebook and other media polls asking people to rate their personalities according to whether they fill their gas tanks halfway or completely. When you run out of gas on the side of the road or in the supermarket parking lot, it may seem funny, but we all know it's all too real. Don't give up; give us a call, and we'll get you back up and running quickly and without any judgment.


Dead Battery?

Did you discover a dead battery when you walked to your car in the morning? Unfortunately, a dead battery is more common than you might believe in today's contemporary cars. We can come and get you back up and running at any time thanks to our emergency service, which is available around the clock, seven days a week. In order to determine whether the battery needs to be charged or changed, we will test your system. Your charging system can be tested by us, and we can let you know if it is functioning properly.

It would drain the battery to the point where it couldn't start the car if one of the kids left the door open overnight or if you kept the lights on. To start the car, we only need to fast charge the battery.

We can identify the root reason of the battery dying and gauge the battery's strength by examining the car's electrical system. In many cases, if there was a sudden overnight drain, for instance, a jump start from us followed by a brief drive will be sufficient to restore the battery to its full capacity.


How To Jump Start A Car

The days of simply attaching jumper cables from one car to another are long gone. Modern automobiles are loaded with sophisticated technological devices and computers. Jumper cables from our vehicle are not simply connected to the dead battery. We employ a technique that provides exactly the additional charge your battery needs, neither more nor less.

Overcharging the dead battery could result in a system failure and jeopardize the complete charging setup. Before starting the car, we advise testing your system, checking the battery's level of charge, and figuring out what went wrong. The electronics and electrical system of the car could shut down if you try to start it without enough energy. If this occurs, you might need to have your authorized dealership service it so they can reset the computers and programming for your car.


Towing Safety

We take safety very seriously. No matter the circumstance, the location of the car, or the weather, we ensure that everyone and everything is secure.

We comply with the area traffic regulations to make sure the roadside your vehicle is on is marked and lit appropriately. Along with providing additional safety precautions and traffic management. We work closely with local law enforcement.

We are also very cautious when moving or recovering your vehicle. We take care to correctly load and secure your vehicle onto our vehicle. We take our time during this process because it's crucial to make sure everything is safe and secure before transporting the car. We use several chains and safety blocks to secure your car.

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