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Jacksonville Towing Service

Jacksonville Towing Service

Welcome to  Jacksonville Towing Service.  

For emergency towing service call


to be connected immediately. 


We work with AAA as well as all major insurance companies.

Independently family-owned and owner-operated serving the Jacksonville NC area.

24/7 Roadside Assistance

No matter what the emergency or the vehicle you need to be towed, we are

here to respond quickly to all your needs. Gas, electric or Diesel vehicles. 

Call us for information and a speedy response. 

Owner-operated, we are near you. We service Woodside, Exeter, Ocean,

Peletier, Edgecombe, Barlowes, Potters Hill and Chinguapin and Camp Lejeune. 

The Jacksonville, NC Towing Story...

We are your neighborhood towing company in Jacksonville, North Carolina, proudly serving the Marines and their families of Jacksonville NC. We have provided affordable prices, and devoted, and dependable drivers for our community for years. We take every precaution to protect your car and belongings. No matter whether it's new, used, classic, or antique, our courteous, skilled drivers will treat it like their own. Call us if you are experiencing an automobile problem, have run out of gas/ diesel, or have a dead battery. You can be confident that we'll work to make the process as smooth as we can and get you and your car back on the road as soon as possible. We are devoted mechanics who will assist you in getting back on the road; we are more than just a towing company, we are your neighbors.

We are committed mechanics who will assist you in getting back on the road, if at all possible, without having to tow your car. We are more than just a towing company. 

Welcome to Jacksonville Towing Service, your reliable towing service and trusted partner in prompt and efficient towing in the Jacksonville NC area. We are committed to excellence and your satisfaction. We have established ourselves as Jacksonville’s leading towing company providing a range of services including flatbed towing, roadside assistance and 24-hour emergency service.


Flatbed Towing Service


We offer Flatbed towing service. We know that even though your vehicle might need a tow, it’s still one of your most valued possessions and we’ll be sure to keep good care of it. Our flatbed vehicles are equipped to transport all types of vehicles, from SUV’s, cars, sports, cars, motorcycles, and classic vehicles. Our skilled professionals are equipped with state-of-the-art flatbed tow trucks which are equipped with advanced technology which will transport your vehicle with care.

Either local or long-distance towing, call us for reliable, damage-free transportation.

For drivers in Jacksonville, North Carolina who want roadside help, a dependable towing service is necessary. Anytime you become stranded, whether it's because of a breakdown, a flat tire, or an accident, a reliable towing service can offer the quick assistance you require. These services provide a variety of options, such as roadside assistance, car recovery, wrecker service, and emergency towing. They are capable of effectively handling vehicles of all sizes, from automobiles to SUVs and even motorbikes, thanks to their knowledgeable specialists and well-equipped tow trucks. Additionally, a reliable towing company in Jacksonville, North Carolina, works around the clock to make sure help is accessible whenever you need it, day or night. You can rest easy knowing that your vehicle will be treated properly by handing it over to these knowledgeable professionals. Write our number down and store it in your car- put it in your phone, in your kid's phone, and have it ready "just in case!" 


Run flat tires low

Our seasoned drivers are prepared to offer timely assistance whether you need to relocate your car across town, deal with a breakdown or accident, or both. At Jacksonville Towing Service, we place a high focus on safety. You can relax knowing that your car will be delivered to its destination safely and securely while being strapped down.

We take pleasure in our dedication to providing top-notch client service when it comes to car transportation.  Our helpful and educated staff is on hand around-the-clock to help you arrange the transportation of your car as effectively and efficiently as possible. We stand out as Jacksonville's top towing company thanks to our open pricing, consistent timeliness, and commitment to upholding the condition of your car.

1 Jacksonville Towing Service

Fast Accident Response

In a mishap? Undriveable car?  Tire flat or is your windshield cracked? You can pick whichever towing service you like. Your insurance company cannot mandate which towing service or auto body shop you must choose, according to the law.

We collaborate with all of the neighborhood auto body shops. Your car can be towed to whatever facility you want. Once your car is repaired, you can ask the shop to give your insurance company an estimate of the cost of the repairs.

Accidents can be stressful experiences, as we all know. Call us, and we'll take care of cleaning and transporting your car to at least try to make the situation less stressful.

We all know that accidents may be stressful situations. To at least attempt to make the situation less unpleasant, give us a call, and we'll take care of cleaning and transferring your car.

Professionals with experience: Our staff is comprised of skilled towing specialists and roadside assistance technicians that are dedicated to providing top-notch service. You may relax knowing that your car is in capable hands.

current Fleet and Equipment: To meet a variety of towing and roadside assistance needs, Jacksonville Towing Service maintains a current fleet of tow vehicles and cutting-edge equipment.

Reasonable Pricing: We support honest and open pricing. You may rely on us to provide reasonable prices without any additional costs.

Customer satisfaction: We put the needs of our customers first. Every interaction with a member of our welcoming staff is focused on delivering outstanding service and guaranteeing your complete pleasure.

Licensed and Insured: Jacksonville Towing Service complies with all rules and safety guidelines as a fully licensed and insured business.

Remember Jacksonville Towing Service for the next time you require towing or roadside help in Jacksonville. We're here via phone, ready to help you day or night. Keep our number in your contacts so that you can always get help when you need it. For dependable roadside assistance and towing services, call us today!

Roadside Assistance

Tire blowout? We can frequently make the necessary changes on the field, getting you back on the road in a jiffy. Expired battery? No need to worry; we can start your car and quickly restore your battery's functionality.

Jacksonville Towing Service - Your Trusted Towing and Roadside Assistance Partner for towing assistance. 

At Jacksonville Towing Service, we take pride in being the leading towing and roadside assistance provider in Jacksonville and the surrounding areas. Our mission is to deliver prompt, reliable, and professional services to our valued customers, ensuring their safety and peace of mind on the road.

Our Services:

Accidents and breakdowns can occur at any time, day or night, and require emergency towing. Because of this, our devoted team is on call around the clock, prepared to answer your call and offer prompt towing services. Whether you have an engine problem, are involved in an accident, or have any other roadside issue, we'll quickly tow your car to the location of your choice.

Local and Long-Distance Towing: Regardless of whether you require a local tow across town or a long-distance transport to another state, we have the know-how and a fleet that is well-equipped to manage any towing distance effectively and with care.

Flatbed Towing: Our flatbed towing service is the ideal choice for vehicles that need extra care and protection while being transported. We make sure that your luxury vehicle, motorcycle, or automobile is safely loaded and transported to its destination. For most vehicles today a flatbed tow truck is much better than the traditional old-school tow truck

We are aware of the special difficulties involved with hauling motorcycles. Your bike will be safely secured and transported by our knowledgeable staff using specialist tools, guaranteeing it reaches its destination unscratched.

Roadside help: Our experts provide a wide range of roadside assistance services, from fuel delivery and lockout assistance to changing flat tires and jump-starting batteries. No matter the problem, we'll quickly get you back on the road.

Fuel Delivery

Did your petrol run out? It happens to the best of us, so don't be alarmed. If you need emergency fuel delivered, give us a call. We'll provide enough petrol to get you to a gas station and back on the road without making any judgments.

Everyone has experienced a gas gauge that stopped working suddenly. If you appear to have gas on the gauge but think you've run out, we may test your tank to figure out the level before providing fuel. It could be the case of something else. The fuel pump, fuel injectors, plugs, coils, or ignition wires may be at fault if your car suddenly stopped moving on the side of the road even though the fuel gauge shows that you have fuel.

If this is the case, we may tow your car safely to a reputable garage or your neighborhood dealer for inspection. This repair most likely falls under the manufacturer's warranty whether your automobile is brand new or leased.

Many people aren't filling their tanks to capacity these days due to the high cost of gas. The gauge isn't always as precise as you might hope. People can frequently drive to their destination, such as the grocery store, but after stopping in the parking lot, the automobile may not start. A vapor lock in the fuel system may be the reason for this. The system may malfunction after the car has warmed up to some degree and been shut off.

Don't worry- Call us today for a quick response.


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Service For Breakdown 

Our local Jacksonville NC drivers are trained mechanics, so we are more than simply a flatbed towing service. If restarting your car without towing it is possible, we'll do it!


Radiator overheating?  If the cooling system is not working properly we can deliver fluids to provide momentary comfort. We can do a pressure test on your heating system to help you immediately decide the best course of action.

Note, you, the customer, will be in charge of the solution, and more significantly, you will choose the shop where our towing service will take your car.  You don't have to worry that we'll try to steer you to a specific place because we are an independent towing company that is not connected to any one particular auto repair shop.

Classic Olds- Jacksonville Towing Service.
Classic MGB Jacksonville Towing Service
11 Jacksonville Towing Service
Bronco Jacksonville Towing Service
12 Jacksonville Towing Service

Classic and Antique Car Transportation

At Jacksonville Towing Service, we are aware that your vintage vehicle is more than simply an "old car" it is a part of history. Whether it's a BMW, Mercedes, Datsun, Ford, VW, or MG, we take good care of your vintage vehicle and know how important it is to get it home safely.

Our door-to-door towing service will ensure that your classic will be safe in our hands the entire trip, and the driver and one flatbed truck the entire time it will not leave our sight.   You’ll be pleased with our service and feel assured that we, as fellow "car guys' will care for your vehicle. 

Is your antique car now not running? Not to worry. We've already dealt with this. Your classic car will sustain no harm whatsoever during the loading and unloading of your vehicle onto our flatbed. Once more, we will make sure that your car is taken care of at every stage of the procedure. With us, your vintage vehicle is in capable hands.

9 Jacksonville Towing Service
8 Jacksonville Towing Service
Station Wagon- Jacksonville Towing Service
Chevy monti Jacksonville Towing Service
Junk car removal Jacksonville NC Towing

Do you own a car that is simply not worth repairing? Has the car been abandoned in your yard for a considerable amount of time?  Have you lost the key? Is the battery is dead and the tires are flat? Don't worry we can assist. We work with many local Jacksonville regional auto wrecking and salvage yards to recycle any automobile or truck.

We can also assist you in donating the car to a good cause. We can assist you in deciding whether recycling the car or donating it to charity is best. Give us a call, and we'll give you a free, no-obligation estimate of how much it will cost to remove and junk the car. There's no need to continue staring at that eyesore; instead, let it continue to exist and continue to supply other vehicles with vital parts and components through our neighborhood salvage yards.

What to Do When Your Car Breaks Down

Get to the side of the road if at all feasible. Call us right away if you have a flat tire or realize you are out of petrol, and we will arrive shortly. We won't be long, we swear, so stay in the car while you wait for us. Get off the side of the road or highway if you are in danger or are in the path of oncoming cars.

To say there is a lot of traffic on local interstates is an understatement, therefore it is crucial to make sure you are safely outside of the car. You can stay in the car, but we advise you to keep off the road and out of harm's path. Remember that, unlike worldly possessions, you cannot be replaced.

Towing isn't what it used to be. Your car is not a back-wheel-drive, manual-transmission car that can be easily towed. Today's cars have a complex electronic drivetrain, transmission, etc. that if not towed correctly can suffer extensive damage. We are a flatbed towing service, which means that we always have flatbed tow trucks available to lift your car off the ground and transport it safely. 

Vehicle driveshafts and transmissions have become more sophisticated with the introduction of all-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive vehicles, SUVs, and trucks. The gears may wear out sooner than they should if one of these vehicles is being towed and the wheels are allowed to spin. It is important to handle automatic electronic transmission systems carefully today. The transmission, drivetrain, and other electronic and mechanical components are under back pressure because the system isn't designed to have the wheels spin independently from the tires.

Additionally, the fluids that normally lubricate the joints aren't there if the engine isn't running when the wheels are rotating, which can also lead to problems and ultimately reduce the lifespan of your drivetrain.

Without a flatbed, even short travels might be harmful to your system. No of the circumstance or the vehicle, we advise using a flatbed. All cars, including big SUVs and pickup trucks, are eligible for our flatbed service. You may be sure that we can flatbed and recover ANY car in a secure manner and transfer it to the location of your choice, including big trucks.

Other Vehicle Towing

Our towing service isn't just limited to cars and SUV's. In addition to automobiles, trucks, and SUVs, we tow different types of vehicles. For instance, we have specialized a specialized a tow trucks and transportation equipment for motorcycles. We can assist you to recover and transport your bike to any location if it is having problems. Your motorcycle, whether it be domestic or international, will be gently and safely lifted onto our truck for convenient and secure transportation. Have you brought your bike to the beach? Not interested in riding it there? Simply want to take in the sights of the beaches without having to deal with driving on the highway? We've got you. 


4 Jacksonville Towing Service

Equipment Failure? Call Us

Don’t make a bad situation worse.

We are here for you, call us for a quick response.

Why Choose Us?  

We are car guys, after all. Yes, we also adore motorcycles, trucks, SUVs, and cars. We take pleasure in assisting our clients with both new and used purchases.

In your old or new car, are you experiencing a breakdown? We are available 24/7, seven days a week, to help with rescue operations. If you need help moving your vintage or antique car, even a small distance, we are here to help. We can also help you get rid of the used car sitting in your driveway.

In essence, we are your Camp Lejeune and Jacksonville neighbors. At the end of the day, we want you to be pleased regardless of the circumstances. Although a tow truck service is probably not something you desire, you might need one.

Although we don't have the biggest towing fleet in the region, we are committed to the Jacksonville area and its neighboring towns. You will speak with one of our drivers when you call as we value personalized service. We are familiar with the neighborhood, so we can tell right away what street you are on or where you want to go. We are aware that you could need us in the future, but we also hope that you WANT US since we treat every customer like a member of our family.


Serving  the Camp Lejeune area including:

Jacksonville, North Carolina

Sneads Ferry, NC

Swansboro, NC

Piney Green, NC

Holly Ridge, NC

Hampsteand, NC

Wilmington, NC

and the surrounding areas,

cities and towns

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Wrecker Service

The citizens and businesses of Jacksonville and the surrounding areas can rely on Jacksonville Towing Service to provide top-notch wrecker service. As a reputable towing company, we are aware that crises like accidents, breakdowns, and other sudden situations can occur at any time, leaving you stranded and in need of fast assistance. We offer dependable and effective towing services around-the-clock thanks to our wrecker service, which is accessible to you whenever you need it.

A fleet of cutting-edge wreckers, built to handle a variety of vehicles, including cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, and even larger commercial vehicles, are available to our team of highly qualified and experienced drivers. We put safety and professionalism first, making sure that each tow is carried out precisely and carefully.

You can be confident that your car will be handled with the highest skill when you use our wrecker service. Our drivers are educated in the right methods for fastening and towing vehicles, limiting the danger of any damage during transit because we recognize how important it is to secure your priceless asset.

To avoid keeping you waiting on the side of the road for too long, Jacksonville Towing Service works to deliver quick response times. Our dispatch team is on call 24 hours a day, ready to receive your call and send a wrecker to your location as soon as possible. We make it our duty to reach you as soon as we can since we recognize the stress and inconvenience that come with being stuck in a challenging circumstance.

Jacksonville Towing Service offers a wide variety of towing and roadside assistance options in addition to our wrecker service to fulfill all of your needs. Our team is prepared to handle any service you require, including lockout assistance, fuel delivery, tire changes, and jump starts. With every interaction, we promise to deliver outstanding customer service and earn your happiness.

Trust the experts at Jacksonville Towing Service for wrecker service in Jacksonville. We are committed to providing dependable and effective towing solutions and are registered, insured, and licensed. For timely and expert assistance, get in touch with us right away. Our top-of-the-line wreckers and skilled crew of drivers will handle all of your towing needs.

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